Top 25 Free WordPress 3.0 Themes

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WordPress. It keeps getting cooler and cooler doesn’t it? The premiere blogging platform has recently one-upped itself with the release of ‘Thelonious’ (WP 3.0). As updates go it is mostly free of glitches and bugs. However, there have been some compatibility issues with certain themes. As the geniuses over at WordPress work that out, we decided to scour the web and collate twenty-five amazing(and free) themes that are sure to work with the new update.

For newbies, a theme is a general feel or aesthetic of a particular blog or website. They take the hard work out of making your blog look snazzy and cool. Without further adieu, here are the top 25 free WordPress themes that are guaranteed to work with WP 3.0. Enjoy and happy e-decorating.

The Morning After by WooThemes


This could be the most popular theme of all time. It has over 100,000 users and climbing. Thankfully, those users who have moved on to WP 3.0 will continue to live a worry free e-life.

Structure by Organic Themes


This theme is available in four variants and a variety of color schemes for the discerning blogger. It integrates easily and fits just about any blog type.

Mansion by GraphPaperPress


This is the perfect theme for you photo bloggers out there. It has a slew of functionality, including the ability to use a flexible-width thumbnail grid for both images and photo journal entries. Perfect for those who adhere to the “a picture is worth 1,000 words” mantra.

Twenty Ten by The WordPress Crew


This is the default WordPress 3.0 theme. That’s right. It comes with the update. Don’t worry. You won’t looked down upon if you use it. It’s great!

Magazeen by WeFunction & Smashing Magazine


This theme has both style and substance to spare. It’s called Magazeen because, well, it is meant for users who intend their blog to capture the feel of a print magazine. It does so in spades.

Mystique by Digital Nature


This is the perfect choice for CMS publishers and tech-savvy bloggers. The options here are almost limitless. Widgets, an intuitive interface, tons of color choices. You name it. The perfect theme for someone who likes to switch things up every once in a while.

AutoFocus+ by Fthrwght (Allan Cole)


This is another theme designed primarily for photographers. Showcase your favorite images on a  800px, 8 column grid. The typographs out there will also be happy with the theme’s 22px baseline grid. Classy and functional.

Gadget by ThemeJam


This theme is sharp and sleek. Consider it the iPad of WordPress 3.0 themes, or at the very least, the Lexus. Perfect for tech-blogs.

Suffusion by Aquoid


Suffusion is known for it’s supreme versatility. You can see from the photo above just all of the options that are available to users of this high-quality theme. It features 10 widget areas, one-column, two-column and three-column fixed-width formats, 10 pre-defined templates, 17 pre-defined color schemes, two customizable multi-level drop-down menus, featured posts, a magazine layout, tabbed sidebars, widgets for Twitter, Social Networks and Google Translator, translations in many languages and RTL language support. Wow!

Titan by The Theme Foundry


This theme sure is handsome aint it? It doesn’t rely on it’s looks, however. Titan allows you to integrate Twitter, Facebook, Feedburner and Flickr with ease. And they say hotties aren’t smart.

Magnifolio – The Gallery/Blog WordPress Theme

magnifolio 11

As the text reads, this theme is ready, willing and able to be integrated into WordPress 3.0.

Genova – Minimalistic WordPress Theme


This elegant theme features 12 color schemes and, most importantly, is browser-safe.

Expose Gallery WordPress Theme


The Expose Gallery theme has three skins to choose from and comes with full video support and a suite of widgets and plugins. Not bad guys. Not bad.

Asylum – Premium WordPress Theme


This theme is so stylish it gives classic Frank Sinatra a run for his money. Five skins, three fonts and a shortcodes. It should be asked to join the ratpack.

Vision – Corporate and Portfolio WP Theme


This is the perfect theme for the large corporation in your life. It features five different themes so a multi-branch company can separate each limb by style.

UniSphere Minim Corporate and Portfolio


As the tag-line goes, awesome. This theme comes in a variety of flavors. Perfect for any blogger and their varied tastes.

Evolutionary Theme


The “evolution” in WordPress 3.o themes. This theme comes in four color schemes and offers a ton of customization options, including the ability to both widgets and animations.



This tech-friendly theme comes in two colors, black and white. It also has many useful columns for bloggers who like to keep many information conduits open on their front page.



This is the perfect theme for blogs about celebrities, movies or other cultural ephemera. Cute colors too.

Channel Theme


This is an extremely useful theme that can help turn your blog into a media megasite like Slate or Huffington Post. Media friendly to the max.

Magazine Basic Theme


Here is another useful theme for bloggers who want to resemble an online magazine.



This is a great and simple WordPress theme for bloggers who take a no frills approach to their information dispensing.

deStyle Theme


This is a simple yet classy WordPress 3.0 theme that is perfect for music or fashion bloggers.



This functional theme could be used for just about any blog imaginable. It comes with RSS buttons and the ability to include widgets. Great for beginners.



This is the perfect theme for the blogging arm of a small business or enterprise. It’s elegant, unobtrusive and functional.

So there you have it. Have any favorites that didn’t make the list? Drop us a line. Also, keep an eye out as more themes become 3.0-ready every day.

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    It’s not often you see a default theme making it into these roundups, but you’re right. Twenty Ten is a huge improvement over the previous default and a very useful and clever standalone theme.

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