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Thirty Examples of Successful Login Form Designs

The trusty login form. A necessary evil, right? Wrong. They need not be evil at all. There are ways to make the extra step your user base goes through to get to your content an enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing experience. The following list showcases creative and functional login form design. Some might surprise you and get you rethinking what that little box is for all over again:

20 Corporate Graphic Design Samples

Corporations. They need a strong brand identity. They just can’t hang around all hully gully and hope consumers notice them. That won’t do at all. How to amp up the brand, though? One way is a snappy logo or design. You know, get the heads turning. Below are 20 usable examples of corporate graphic design intended to turn those noggins. Feel free to do with them as you wish. They might not reinvent your company over night but they could just give you a new idea or two:

50 Totally Free CSS/XHTML Templates For 2010

CSS/XHTML have come a long way since the days of the golden oldies.  They are faster, more featured and more convenient to use. They even, from time to time, come with the PSD-source file nowadays. This makes the urls look good in every browser imaginable. These are easy to use and can have your websites looking professional and glossy in no time. Take the time to explore and experiment. Here are 50 toys for you to start experimenting with:

34 Free and Elegant TrueType Mini Pixel Fonts

Some fonts just don’t like getting teeny. They get angry and become unreadable. When that happens it’s time to call in the big little guns. Specially designed mini fonts are perfect for situations when you need something smaller than 9 px. These cute lil fonts are extremely popular in flash and flash-based applications, however have yet to catch on in other applications. It’s about time to change all of that. Here are 34 free and truly elegant TrueType mini pixel fonts:

36 Helpful Color Gradient Sets for Photoshop

The following list are sets of great websites that you can easily clip cool color gradients from. Most of the research was done using DeviantArt so alongside each link there will also be a link to the user’s profile. You never know when they might make something else interesting.

Also, be choosy. Don’t just go around downloading gradient sets hully gully. Take your time to find the best ones. Your design will thank you for it. Without further adieu, 36 great color gradient sets:

25 Impressive and Inspirational Dark CSS Web Designs

Why be afraid of the dark? Sure, simple white/light backgrounds have been a mainstay of websites since Al Gore was tinkering on his Apple 2e, but dark designs can be surprisingly effective. If used correctly, it can really make your site stand out from the pack. However, knowing how to use dark backgrounds is not the easiest thing in the world. Here are 25 examples that work to help you get some idea when and how to not be afraid of the dark:

15 Great jQuery Sliders

The force known as jQuery keeps gaining more and more e-steam. To go along with the growth, a bevy of plugins and tutorials are starting to pop up a well. One helpful plugin is known as a content slider.

Content sliders are a great way to show large amount of content on a smaller area of a web page or blog. Dynamic auto sliding content sliders are a opular add-on to numerous websites all over the web. If you are interesting of giving them a whirl, check out this list of our favorite sliders and tutorials  you can get your hands on:

28 of the Coolest Retro Style Photoshop Brush Sets

Are you ready to get retro? The Beatles! Key parties! The Great Depression. Retro is cool, and using the right retro brush on your Photoshop project can make all the difference in the world. But there are so many out there, and let’s face it, some look like a Lifetime movie set in the 1960s and not like the actual 1960s. Here are 28 of our favorite sets that are sure to have people doing the time warp again:

20 free Flash galleries to help inspire your design

Flash galleries. Who needs em? You! They are free applications that allow you to create a slideshow on your website quickly and with ease. Just embed it in your website and let the Flash do the rest. The script will automatically form a slideshow from a specified folder or an XML files or from Flickr photostream.

5 web design trends to look out for in 2010

web design

The king is dead! Long live the king! As 2009 fades into nostalgic glory, and 2010 begins it’s slow crawl towards infamy, web designers can’t help but wonder what the year will hold for their favorite profession/hobby/whatever. Here is a list of five web design trends to look out for in 2010. None of this stuff is going to reinvent the wheel. Mostly’ it’s an analysis of several things that people caught on to during 2009 that look to be making a giant leap towards the e-mainstream.

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