Online SEO Tools – the Ultimate Collection

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The Internet offers a wide variety of SEO tools, targeting just about every aspect of business and personal life. There are so many, however, that figuring out the best and brightest can be quite the laborious task. Don’t stress out! Webrulon is here to turn lead into gold. We’ve scoured the net and collected the absolute best of the best SEO tools.

Here is how the list works. We picked the best SEO tool that does a certain thing, wrote a short description, and then placed similar yet also good tools underneath it. This way if the one we chose as the best doesn’t suit your fancy you’ll have another option waiting in the wings. Enjoy!

Now, onto the list:

* Ranking Checker by


This SEO tool is perfect for you OCD bloggers out there. It allows you to check your rankings for up to 5 keywords per day. It’s absolutely free and the tool also archives all of the searches for easy access. Just sign up for a free SEOmoz account and you are good to go. It even lets you download the archived rankings as a CSV. Cool!  So add up five daily words times thirty average days in a month and that’s a whopping 150 monthly searches.

Similar and also useful:

Keyword Research Tool – Webmaster toolkit

Keyword External Tool – Google Adwords 

* MultiRank Checker by


In the old days if you wanted to check the Google Page Rank and the Alexa Ranking for many search terms at once you’d be forced to spend all day inputting the information one by one. This useful eliminates that archaic way of doing things and replaces it with a hyper-functional bulk search engine. A great time saver.

Similar but also useful:

Keyword Suggestion Tool – Self SEO 

Competition Tool – SEO Digger 

* Fiddler Web Debugging Tool by


The Charles debugging tool and similar looks are extremely useful. The downside? They can be pricey. The Charles debugging tool alone will set you back at least fifty bucks. Why spend that much when similar and equally functional tools lurk all around the net? Take this one for instance. Fiddler performs the same debugging tools as it’s competitors but with a distinct advantage: It’s free! It’s currently available only for Windows and does require the .NET framework but otherwise, it’s go time. Also, as an added bonus, Fiddler won’t freeze up your computer or browser like some of those Firefox add-ons. Not saying any names. Cough cough. Tamper Data.

Similar but also useful:


* SEO Analyzer by


Wanna optimizer your site? You could do no better than this handy tool. It gives you a detailed report assessing the components of your website that could use some tweaking. You can even download any previous report as a PDF file for easy perusing.  This isn’t a substitute for a complete SEO analysis, however. Think of it as a great little starting point.

Similar but also useful:

Backlink Watch

Domain Backlinks Checker

* Strongest Subpages Tool by


This tool gives you an organized list of the strongest pages on any web site. This will help you figure out where the most amount of inbound links are headed to and going to. Perfect for analyzing the strength of the competition.  Remember, a lot can be gleamed from what your competitors are doing right.

Similar but also useful:

Top Competitor Tool – Webuildpages 

* Backlink Checker by


Don’t have a backlink checker tool? What are you waiting for. Any successful SEO campaign includes one. This is a great, and free, place to start. Get your linking campaigns in order with efficiency and grace. The patented “Neat-O-Tool” is also perfect for analyzing your competitor’s backlinks.

Similar but also useful:

Competition Analysis Tool – Seoscorecard 

Backlink Analyzer – Sitening  

* Firefox with the Web Developer Extension by Chris Pederick


We all know how flexible Firefox is. It can, however, also be used as a great SEO tool when paired with the right add-on. This Web Developer Extension is one such add-on. Want to remove the cascading styles, be they inline or external? It has you covered. Want to modify or remove javascript components? It can do that too. There are few things this handy application can’t do. Also, did we mention it’s free?

Similar but also useful:

Developer ToolBar  

* SEO for Firefox by


This is the golden goose of browser-based SEO tools. It just gives so much information in one fell swoop that it’s almost unbelievable. Visited page rankings, search engine rankings, compeitive overviews, cache data, domain age, Yahoo backlinks, and a ton of other stats are all available to you in seconds. It’s easy to use and highly functional.You can even export your information directly from the SERPs to CSV. Not bad guys.

Similar but also useful:

SEO Links Extension 

* Google Analytics / Google Webmaster Console by



Did you really think we’d get out of this list without giving a nod to the big G? Google have wrapped their Orwellian(In a good way!) tentacles over just about every facet of Internet life. SEO tools are no different. Analytics is a great tool that can give you detailed reports on your traffic. It goes miles above similar tools, offering traffic behavior, funnel information, content visitation, length of stay and much more. The Webmaster Console tool pretty much lets you see through Google’s eyes, offering up information like the crawling rate, crawling speed, backlinks, PageRank etc.

Similar but also useful:

Link Popularity – Backlinks Checker – Search Bliss  

Page Rank Tool  

Alexa Traffic 

* Keyword Selector Tool by


File this under “oldie but goodie.” This is one of the oldest keyword tools around. Don’t worry. It’s not quite ready for retirement. Keep in mind that most new-fangled keyword tools used this tool as it’s blueprint. And not all of them are free. This one is.

Google’s keyword tool

Keyword Analysis Tool – Mcdar 

* XENU’s Link Sleuth by Tilman Hausherr


XENU is just a great little spider tool. The benefits of having a spider in your SEO toolbox are legion. This tool allows you to find a site’s endless loops, broken links, redirect detections and a whole lot more. XENU is one of the most functional spiders out there, and it’s free to boot. Also, it won’t leave webbing all over your website like it’s real world counterpart.

Similar but also useful:

Spider Simulator – SEO Chat 

Spider View – Iwebtool 

* Xinu BETA by Miguel Camps Orteza


The name might be similar to the previous entry, but these two tools are anything but. This great SEO tool allows you to gather a ton of stats on any site. These include rankings, out-going syndication, social bookmarkings, validation, backlinks and so much more. It analyzes just about every major search engine(In one page) and it’s free!  It’s also open source so tinker away, you shiny diamonds.

Similar but also useful:

Class C Checker – Webmaster Toolkit 

Link Popularity Check – Market Leap  

* Keyword Density & Prominence Tool by


This simple yet functional tool lets you crawl through a page and analyze the density of keywords. This works not only for the page’s content but also for any and all tags. Really useful and really free.

Similar but also useful:

Keyword Density – SEO Chat 

Keyword Density & Proeminence – Ranks  

* Visual PageRank by


Do you prefer gleaming information via an image rather than boring old words? Then this is the tool for you. This lets you check out your site’s pagerank through the magic of the visual image. It’s worth 1,000 words, after all.  This tool allows you to physically see your web page and all of the overlays that page rank for each of your links. It’s aesthetically pleasing as well.

Similar but also useful:

Search PageRank – SEO Chat 

Page Rank Tool  

* GeoTargeting Detection Tool by


This free tool helps you figure out if your site is optimized for search engines that operate in different countries. As we all know, all engines are not created equal and some will make your site look dirtier than a sinkful of messy dishes. This is great for businesses that service International clients.

Similar but also useful:

Browser Screen Resolution Checker – Markhorrell 

Screen Size Tester – AnyBrowser  

So there you have it. Did we miss anything? Got any favorite SEO tools you think deserve a shout out? Drop us a line and we’ll be more than happy to check it out.

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    Thanks! Great list of tools. If we talk about seo, I’ve got one more non-instalation tool which is worth mentioning – Colibritool. They have GA integration, keyword suggestions, backlinks checker, conversion measurements, goals and more :) They are not fully free but worth mentioning :)

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