How to Get Other Blogs to Link to Your Blog

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One of the keys to becoming a successful blogger or web master are good, targeted traffic. No matter how beautiful or ornate your blog or website is, if nobody is around to see it then it’s all for naught. Wait, isn’t there an analogy about a bear in the woods that would fit here?

Traffic comes from all over, but some of the best comes from search engine traffic. You know. You have a blog on baseball. Someone puts “baseball” into Google and, voila, here comes your traffic. Search engine traffic is free and usually quite targeted. There’s a problem, though. Millions upon millions of other websites all competing for that same traffic. Your “baseball” blog probably showed up at around page 49 of Google.

So how do we move up the ranks? How does your blog ascend to the top of the Google heap? The answer to that can be both quite complicated or quite simple, depending on what tact you take. It’s complicated because engines like Google use a series of complex algorithms in order to ascertain that order. This makes it hard for you to know exactly what needs to be done. Those algorithms don’t always make sense to us common folk.

So, with this in mind, you can see how vitally important it is to get other blogs to link to your blog. This is a surefire way to increase your rank and your traffic.

So how do you get others to link to your blog?

There are all kinds of different ways, actually. Some are obvious. Some, not so. Here are some of the ones we’ve found most effective.

Quality Content

This one is a no brainer. Write quality content, no matter your subject matter. Good content and good blogs go hand-in-hand. The best thing about this approach is if you play your cards right, you’ll produce the kind of content other bloggers want to link to as a service to their readers.

How many times have you read a blog and spotted a roundup of the author’s favorite blog posts of the week? This should be your goal, to appear on a few of these. After all, it only takes a few of these lists to convert return viewers of the linker’s blog to your blog. Think about it.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is sort of like when an up-and-coming rapper appears on a track by a more famous colleague. Being a guest blogger involves you writing an article for another blogger who places it on their blog. In return for giving them a free article, they include a link back to your blog. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours kind of thing.

If you want to find blogs that accept guest posts, head on over to Google and search for your blog’s subject matter along with the words “guest blogger” or something similar. For instance, if your blog is about internet marketing and becoming a successful blogger, you might type in:

  • internet marketing guest blogger
  • internet marketing submit a blog post
  • affiliate marketing guest blogger
  • learn to blog guest blogger
  • blogging guest blogger
  • blogging submit a blog post

Also, keep in mind whoever you find will want to take a look at your blog first, to make sure you will write some quality content for them. Make sure you have a set of recent quality posts to show off. If not, write some before you send out an email. Generally, a good rule of thumb is be sure to have 8-10  strong posts on your blog.

And one more thing. Make sure your blog doesn’t look sketchy. If it at all resembles a spammer’s blog, nobody will want to link to you. If so, clean it up.

Make Friends

This kind of goes along with the last one. Blogs don’t exist in a vacuum. You need friends. This not only provides a network of people who you can regularly connect with, it’s also possible they will link to you. This could be either in a blog post or in their blogroll. Other benefits are that they are more likely to add your posts to social networking sites like Digg, Twitter and Facebook. The plusses go on and on.

A great way to make friends is to start commenting on other blog posts. Wait until you are knowledgeable about something and let loose. Stay away from overtly negative comments and vague terminology like “good job!” etc. Write the kinds of comments you’d appreciate reading on your own blog. That is key.

Also, this is difficult to achieve with the bigger, more popular blogs. They are the belle of the ball and everybody wants to be their friend. Focus your energies on bloggers who are in a similar position as yourself.

Just Ask

This is another no brainer. If you want a link, ask for it! The success rate isn’t high for this approach, but it does work sometimes. Think of yourself as the creepy guy in a singles bar. When one girl turns you down, move on to the next.

But how do you ask? First of all, simply send an email to the blogger in question. Tell them about your blog and say you would love to be added to their blogroll. Make sure to note they have been added to yours. Also, make sure to actually do that. They’ll check.

You could also email them a link to your latest blog post. This could save them the time of trolling the web for content. Be sure it’s a top quality post, however. They aren’t going to link to middle of the road nonsense. Unless, of course, that’s the point of their blog.

Blog of the Week

This is where it gets a bit sneaky. One great way to get some targeted links is to offer one up yourself. Do a “blog of the week” post in whatever subject you write about. Find a blog and write it up. Mention the great content, and the pleasing look. Whatever you want.  Then leave a comment in their blog directing them to your post. The blog-owner will usually be so pleased about the writeup that they’ll mention it on their blog, thus achieving a targeted link to your blog. Get it? It’s not entirely unscrupulous. It’s more like paying it forward! Yeah, that’s it!

And Finally…

Sorry to beat a dead horse here, but you really gotta take a long look at your blog and figure out if it provides values to it’s readers. If not, try to make it so it does. That is the golden rule for linkage. If you provide value, the links will come faster than you can keep track of. This is most assured.

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  1. johan smith

    very helpful info keep it up thanks

  2. Adi

    That was really a nice blog. It was short, crisp and easy to read. As a blogger myself I got plenty of insights. I have never linked with other blogs before because I was not confident about it. I even doubted that it is illegal and also embarassing to have somebody else’s link on my blogs. But after reading this article I have got the encouragement and has cleared all my inhibitions. Thank you very much!

  3. elvis navaro

    great article with fabulous tips on linking. going to try these tips to increase my blog traffic.

  4. Michelle

    Link building, or as I like to say, relationship building is still a very important part of optimizing one’s website. Don’t be stingy with linking to other relevant, informative blog posts, and you will see it returned to you. Yes, it takes hard work but we are all in the same boat. As the saying goes “You get what you give.”

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