Five real-life business success stories using Twitter

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Twitter money business success stories

Twitter. Has there ever been a more polarized website? It’s converts scream loud from the rooftops, and the rest of us simply sigh and utter a “bah humbug!” under our breaths. Still, there are ways to give your business a valuable boost using the 140 character wunderkind. Keep reading for five real-life Twitter business success stories. Maybe this will turn our “bah humbug!” into, um, “bah hum..bug?”

1. Kogi Korean BBQ – The Kogi truck is now a staple of the Los Angeles area, delivering quality Korean BBQ via truck to different areas of the city daily. Owner Mark Manguera knew it would take off, but he couldn’t figure out how to let his growing customer base know where the truck would be each night. What did he end up doing? You guessed it. Twitter. He tweets the truck’s locations and times throughout the day, letting hungry customers know where to get their fix. It’s worked out splendidly. Mark and his team serve about 800 people per stop and have 22,000 Twitter followers. Twitter address: KogiBBQ

2. The Coffee Groundz – This Houstin area coffee shop struggled to find an identity in the pre-Twitter world. There are a lot of coffee shops, after all, and maybe of them have names that rhyme with Carbucks. Then one day in 2008 owner J.R. Cohen began Tweeting informally to customers and friends. Before long, a friend had the idea to order food to-go using the site. The rest is history. The Coffee Groundz does bang up online business, with total business up 30 percent as a result of Twitter. They use the site to advertise for events, sell branded products and, yes, even place to-go orders. Twitter address: Coffeegroundz

3. Soulplantation – This San Diego restaurant offers made from scratch soups and salads. The restaurant did well but it’s parent company, Garden Fresh, saw the potential of social networking and decided to dive in headfirst. They hired a social media specialist and began a very successful Twitter feed for the restaurant. The feed is used to play games with customers, such as trivia. Coupons and free meals are given out but only to the first respondant, thus driving up the desire for customers to take part. It’s also used to post recipes and other restaurant-specific information.  It has proven to be extremely successful, having racked up over 3,000 followers and contributed to a 5-10 percent increase in foot traffic in the restaurant. Twitter address:  Soulplantation

4. Comcast – Wait a minute. That Comcast? They are one of the biggest companies in the world, and soon to be bigger than ever thanks to the pending NBC merger. What do they care about Twitter? It’s simple. Customer service. For companies with foresight, Twitter can offer unparalleled real-time customer service, served with a virtual smile and all under 140 characters. Comcast currently has a whole Twitter team, that interacts with customers and ask if they need any help with their services. The result? A happy customer base, and a happy customer is a repeat customer. Twitter addresses: Comcastcares, Comcastjeff, Comcastbill, Comcastbonnie.

5. Zappos – The online shoe retailed could be the most Twitterfied company in the world, with over 1/3rd of the company’s employees involved. The company’s founder, Tony Hsieh, racking up over 600,000 followers. He is considered to be the most active CEO on Twitter. Why is this important? Zappos interact with much of their customerbase on a one on one basis via nearly 1/3rd of their employees. They also boast that 75 percent of their purchases are made by repeat customers. Coincidence? We think not. Twitter address: @Zappos and too many others to name.

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  1. Social media: adding value for clients in the 21st century. If that’s how people choose to be marketed to and how they want companies to interact with them, why shouldn’t we all take note and listen up?

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    I have returned to your website various times. The additional articles are incredibly appealing and note worthy. I wanted to signup for your rss feed, so I can keep up to date of your new posts.

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    My hubby and I were sent here since this web page has been tweeted by a lady I had been following and i am delighted I made it here.

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