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Why Linkbait is a Tactic the Search Engines Will Always Value

The debate over the potential value of linkbait rages on! Throughout the last few years, the argument over linkbait/viral content strategies and whether or not the use of these tactics will result in rewards from search engines has been on the tip of everyone’s tongues. I believe this methodology will remain profitable in the long run for a number of reasons I’ll get to in a second.

The Dangers And Advantages Of Meme Marketing


Meme marketing is a phrase you probably don’t even need explained. It sits there in our brains like it’s always been there. It just seems, right. Anyways, if you need a primer: A meme is born, defined in its traditional sense here, and then pushed to market something. This push is not always done by the creator of said meme.

Straight to YouTube: Wetpaint Does Viral Video


Seattle-based wiki website Wetpaint has always marched to the beat of it’s own drummer. Compared to most wiki providers, their user-interface is mega-friendly. This is why Wetpaint is so great for users new to the world of people-created websites. The sites, which are of course all wikis, can either be hosted at Wetpaint or on a separate domain. The company isn’t big enough to take their message to television airwaves yet. However, they have bee getting the word out via a series of viral videos that have been appearing on YouTube. They use professional teams and feature the same quality look that big budget television commercials have. This is a relatively new concept for viral videos, but it’s one that continues to grow with each passing year.

14 astounding iPhone Apps to Help Manage Your Social Media Accounts on the Go

Social media sites can mean big business for your, um, business. After all Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and those crafty blogs have all become a part of the daily machinations of the business world. So how do you keep track of all of your accounts while on the go? With an iPhone of course! Apple’s megapopular multitasking device has a boatload of social media-related applications you can download. Too many, actually. Hundreds upon hundreds. We took it upon ourselves to narrow it down to an essential 14 apps. These are the 14 “must have” applications to keep your business flying in the age of the social media. And as always, they are all available at the Apple Appstore.

20 Corporate Graphic Design Samples

Corporations. They need a strong brand identity. They just can’t hang around all hully gully and hope consumers notice them. That won’t do at all. How to amp up the brand, though? One way is a snappy logo or design. You know, get the heads turning. Below are 20 usable examples of corporate graphic design intended to turn those noggins. Feel free to do with them as you wish. They might not reinvent your company over night but they could just give you a new idea or two:

Facebook fail leaks private e-mail addresses

Facebook logo

Private e-mail addresses that many Facebook users obviously wanted to keep hidden were revealed publicly last night on a multitude of Facebook profiles, Gawker reports. The glitch lasted about 30 minutes before Facebook went ahead and sealed the gap.

An anonymous tipster let Gawker know of the breach in a message riddled with expletives: “6:46PM: I cannot believe it. Everybody’s email has been turned on to the public for at least the past 30 min. I tried going into my account to remove my email b/c I have an issue with a crazed stalker. But I wasn’t able to. God I hate FB!! When will they ever learn?!”

Twitter says Spam has been drastically reduced on their website

Twitter Spam

For a while there, the amount of Spam was getting a bit out of hand. How many times had you gotten follow requests only to find out they weren’t a real person, rather an ad for erectile dysfunction or pornography? Well, the folks at Twitter got on that and are now reporting their successes.

Alleged and infamous Twitter hacker finally arrested, sources report.

Twitter Hacker Croll

The FBI in cooperation with the French Police this week arrested the alleged Twitter hacker known only as “Hacker Croll. The 25 year old suspect allegedly stole corporate documents from the social networking giant in 2009. He also hacked into several notable Twitter accounts, including Britney Spears and Ashton Kutcher.

Little is known about Hacker Croll’s actual identity, but he is reportedly a 25 year-old unemployed man from the French city of Claremont-Ferrand who lives at home with his parents. Croll is due to appear in French court on June 24.

Locating tagging to finally become reality for Facebook users


Last year, there was something of a minor uprising when it seemed as though location tagging had wormed it’s way into the Facebook community. Protests were staged. Facebook President Mark Zuckerman even issued a public apology. Well you know what they say: The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Fakers invade Facebook in order to bilk Haiti out of relief money

Facebook Fakebook

File this under “Holy crap. People can be that evil?!”

Reports are flooding in that a variety of hucksters and unsavory individuals have taken it upon themselves to fatten their wallets by offering up Haiti relief Facebook pages. The catch? They are fake. No Haiti relief organizations see this money. Some horrible d-bag gets to buy a big screen television, though.

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