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Diaspora Social Network – What is it?


There has been a lot of hesitation lately regarding the evils of Facebook. Some argue they sell our private information. Some argue the chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, is some kind of monster-in-training. There’s even a movie about it. Whether or not Facebook is nefarious, the way it handles our private information has begun to ruffle some weathers. So what now?

Twitter Got Hacked – The Explanation

twitter-got-hackedTwitter was hacked today when a new security flaw was discovered which exploited thousands of Twitter accounts and caused users to be redirected to third party websites.

The security flaw only required users to hover over an offending link, no clickthrough was necessary. The flaw used a JavaScript function called onMouseOver which creates an event when the mouse is passed over text.

Is Social Media ROI Unmeasurable?

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Social media. The world is flipping out over it. It’s easy to see why. Social media represents an easy and instant way for companies to interact with a customer base on the fly. Social media doesn’t only connect companies with current customers, however. It also connects companies with potential customers. This is perhaps even more important.

Social Business and Customer Relationship Management

Anecdotes are great. You’ll get no arguments here. Still, when you are trying to drive the conversation with your customers, you are going to want to focus more on actual experience, and less on a set of messages.

You want to build a business that works with the flow of social content. Not against it. You want to drive positive conversations. This requires an organizational model and business intelligence process that connects “inside” with “outside.” Outside are many places where consumers come in contact with your brand, product or service.  This can happen in just about any way imaginable, be it billboard, message board posting, or an interaction with a customer service representative. Web strategist Jeremiah Owyang stressed this shift toward recognizing the new role of actual experiences when he said, “Marketing has spread beyond awareness and lead generation — support IS marketing.”

How to Empower Employees for Social Business

Now it’s one thing to suggest employees get involved with social business and social customer relationship management. The specific actions and steps to put design into practice ultimately drive business success.

How does your company deliver the kind of exemplary service that sets your brand apart from the pack? First of all, be clear and succinct as to why your business even exists. Don’t let people wonder. Whether you’re a manager or an executive officer, a small business or Fortune 500, that remains one of the most important goals of customer interaction.

Get Started With Social Media

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Social media is an important new factor in the business world. A lot of people thought it would go the way of the dodo, become a tired old fad. So far, it has not. So we have to face facts, social media is here to stay. You and your business should get involved if you aren’t already. If you are already, you need to step up your game a bit. In this new always connected world, it’s the social bird that gets the worm.

Social Media Is Tailor-Made for SMBs


What do a paint company, a wakeboard manufacturing company and an audio technology firm have in common? They all dove in headfirst to the world of social media, garnering great results. This column is going to focus in on what social media can do for the world of small  to medium-sized businesses, affectionately referred to as SMBs.

30 of the Best Free Icon Sets for Bloggers

Come on. Admit it. You blog. It’s ok. We all do. We are long past the days when blogging was a specialized activity aimed toward teenage girls with Livejournal accounts. The blog is a popularly accepted form of mass media. And where there are blogs, there are icons. Bloggers use all kinds of icons. Icons for social media. Icons for navigation. Icons for, even, smileys. However, there are so many icons out there in webville, it’s hard to know where to even start.

30 Amazingly Creative Social Bookmarks Icon Sets

To say social networking sites are all the rage would be something of an understatement. Privacy issues withstanding, they feature some of the highest traffic on the Internet. So get in on the game! Adorn your website or blog with some of the best and creative social bookmark icon sets around. Here are 30 simply astounding sets to get you started. If you know of any more, please drop them in the comment box.

14 astounding iPhone Apps to Help Manage Your Social Media Accounts on the Go

Social media sites can mean big business for your, um, business. After all Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and those crafty blogs have all become a part of the daily machinations of the business world. So how do you keep track of all of your accounts while on the go? With an iPhone of course! Apple’s megapopular multitasking device has a boatload of social media-related applications you can download. Too many, actually. Hundreds upon hundreds. We took it upon ourselves to narrow it down to an essential 14 apps. These are the 14 “must have” applications to keep your business flying in the age of the social media. And as always, they are all available at the Apple Appstore.

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