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Online SEO Tools – the Ultimate Collection

The Internet offers a wide variety of SEO tools, targeting just about every aspect of business and personal life. There are so many, however, that figuring out the best and brightest can be quite the laborious task. Don’t stress out! Webrulon is here to turn lead into gold. We’ve scoured the net and collected the absolute best of the best SEO tools.

The most overlooked SEO tactic – Patience

This story is as old as the web itself. You launch a new website or project. You set up the analytics and expect the hits to start rolling in. After a few days you begin obsessively checking up on it. Over and over. Only nothing is there. You begin to become disheartened and perhaps entertain the notion of tossing your laptop in the river. Sound familiar?

Google's New Tools for Site Link Strengthening


Site link strengthening. Is there anything quite as important? Google itself is getting involved. Matt Cutts, an employee at the company, drafted a blog post that shows people how to improve their inbound links. This blog post specifically addresses the problem of 404 pages and making sure they are passing out their linking goodies, as well as not driving away users.

4 Tools for Advanced Google SERPs Analysis

Want a practical approach to to reviewing and comparing tools that will help you analyze those wascally SERPs?  We all want proper analysis  of our search engine results, right? Well, then read on.

First of all, these tools all work as Firefox add-ons. Be careful, though. You don’t want to install too many or it will severely impede your browsing speed. There’s a reason they call it snail mail. So just try one at a time and you’ll thank us in the long run. Or, just read through the entire post and pick which one intrigues you the most to try first.

17 Ways Your Search Engine Judges the Value of a Link

Search Engines

How does Google decide how much a particular link helps your rankings? That one question has plagued link builders since the dawn of  time 2002.

Before we get started on the list, let’s talk turkey. You may have noticed search engines have become more and more dependent on metrics about an entire domain, rather than just an individual page. It’s why you’ll see new pages or those with very few links ranking highly, simply because they’re on an important, trusted, well-linked-to domain. The Internet is changing, and in a way becoming more homogenized. But don’t worry, you can still make money with your site by understanding the nature of search engines and how they judge the value of a link.  Here are 17 examples:

SEO Boy chronicles their greatest hits of March 2010

SEO Boy greatest hits

Able to leap tall search engines in a single bound! Popular SEO blog  SEOboy has compiled another list of their greatest hits. This list chronicles their most viewed, most appreciated articles. The articles span the SEO-verse and back again as they tackle subjects such as redirecting domains and  link building techniques. Check out the list here.

Strategy for creating online videos to increase traffic and put your SEO into high gear

SEO ball

The kind folks over at SEOMozBlog have cobbled together an unexpectedly hefty tutorial on creating an online video strategy. The article dictates each step of the process in extreme detail,  from visualizing to editing and ultimately promoting. It’s more than worth ten minutes of your time. Head on over and take a look. Your urls will thank you.

Facebook becomes more popular in US than Google Search – Hell freezes over

facebook google stats

Hitwise, an internet research company, has announced that as of 13th of March 2010, Facebook achieved 7.07% of all internet traffic to their homepage, compared to Google’s 7.03%.

But what does it all mean exactly? How accurate are these stats? Do they take things like toolbars and phone usage into account? Social media in SEO is an ever increasing part of successful SEO campaigns, but really could such monetization kill Google?

A trio of useful SEO blogs and websites


Finding good sources for great SEO content can be difficult. Enter Webrulon. We do the work so you don’t have to! Here are three great sites:

Search Cowboys – One of the most professional sites out there. This news resource is written by a team of highly talented writers who know their trade and aren’t afraid to have a sense of humor about it. Highly recommended for a place in your bookmark.

Econsultancy presents -Nine common SEO campaign mistakes

SEO Mistakes

Successful SEO campaigns can be like cooking for 250 people at once.  They all have different tastes and at any moment, anything can go wrong. Econsultancy knows this and has offered up their list of nine common mistakes webmasters make when trying to juggle an SEO campaign. It truly is an informative and entertaining article. Click here to read it.

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