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Google Instant Search and SEO

Google Instant

There’s been a lot of chatter lately about Google’s new instant search function and what it means to SEO. Some have already begun the somber SEO funeral procession, with casket and a trio of horn players and all. They are, perhaps, jumping the gun. Google Instant Search is absolutely not poised to kill SEO, however we all must expect a certain amount of transformation.

Deduping Duplicate Content

duplicate content

One interesting thing that came out of SES San Jose‘s Duplicate Content and Multiple Site Issues session is the massive amount of duplicate content on the Internet. They shined a light as to just how much there is. It was astounding and eye-opening. Ivan Davtchev, Yahoo’s lead product manager for search relevance, said “more than 30 percent of the Web is made up of duplicate content.”

14 astounding iPhone Apps to Help Manage Your Social Media Accounts on the Go

Social media sites can mean big business for your, um, business. After all Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and those crafty blogs have all become a part of the daily machinations of the business world. So how do you keep track of all of your accounts while on the go? With an iPhone of course! Apple’s megapopular multitasking device has a boatload of social media-related applications you can download. Too many, actually. Hundreds upon hundreds. We took it upon ourselves to narrow it down to an essential 14 apps. These are the 14 “must have” applications to keep your business flying in the age of the social media. And as always, they are all available at the Apple Appstore.

4 Tools for Advanced Google SERPs Analysis

Want a practical approach to to reviewing and comparing tools that will help you analyze those wascally SERPs?  We all want proper analysis  of our search engine results, right? Well, then read on.

First of all, these tools all work as Firefox add-ons. Be careful, though. You don’t want to install too many or it will severely impede your browsing speed. There’s a reason they call it snail mail. So just try one at a time and you’ll thank us in the long run. Or, just read through the entire post and pick which one intrigues you the most to try first.

17 Ways Your Search Engine Judges the Value of a Link

Search Engines

How does Google decide how much a particular link helps your rankings? That one question has plagued link builders since the dawn of  time 2002.

Before we get started on the list, let’s talk turkey. You may have noticed search engines have become more and more dependent on metrics about an entire domain, rather than just an individual page. It’s why you’ll see new pages or those with very few links ranking highly, simply because they’re on an important, trusted, well-linked-to domain. The Internet is changing, and in a way becoming more homogenized. But don’t worry, you can still make money with your site by understanding the nature of search engines and how they judge the value of a link.  Here are 17 examples:

SEO Boy chronicles their greatest hits of March 2010

SEO Boy greatest hits

Able to leap tall search engines in a single bound! Popular SEO blog  SEOboy has compiled another list of their greatest hits. This list chronicles their most viewed, most appreciated articles. The articles span the SEO-verse and back again as they tackle subjects such as redirecting domains and  link building techniques. Check out the list here.

Google doesn't celebrate Easter for fifth year in a row

Google Easter

The image above was not seen by millions this Easter Sunday. For the fifth year in a row, the Google logo when unaltered during Easter. This is made especially odd when you consider all of the holidays/special interest days the web giant does celebrate via logo. Bing and Ask have gone Easter crazy, however. No word from Google as to what their reasoning is. More on this as it develops.

Strategy for creating online videos to increase traffic and put your SEO into high gear

SEO ball

The kind folks over at SEOMozBlog have cobbled together an unexpectedly hefty tutorial on creating an online video strategy. The article dictates each step of the process in extreme detail,  from visualizing to editing and ultimately promoting. It’s more than worth ten minutes of your time. Head on over and take a look. Your urls will thank you.

Facebook fail leaks private e-mail addresses

Facebook logo

Private e-mail addresses that many Facebook users obviously wanted to keep hidden were revealed publicly last night on a multitude of Facebook profiles, Gawker reports. The glitch lasted about 30 minutes before Facebook went ahead and sealed the gap.

An anonymous tipster let Gawker know of the breach in a message riddled with expletives: “6:46PM: I cannot believe it. Everybody’s email has been turned on to the public for at least the past 30 min. I tried going into my account to remove my email b/c I have an issue with a crazed stalker. But I wasn’t able to. God I hate FB!! When will they ever learn?!”

Facebook becomes more popular in US than Google Search – Hell freezes over

facebook google stats

Hitwise, an internet research company, has announced that as of 13th of March 2010, Facebook achieved 7.07% of all internet traffic to their homepage, compared to Google’s 7.03%.

But what does it all mean exactly? How accurate are these stats? Do they take things like toolbars and phone usage into account? Social media in SEO is an ever increasing part of successful SEO campaigns, but really could such monetization kill Google?

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