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Google Instant Search and SEO

Google Instant

There’s been a lot of chatter lately about Google’s new instant search function and what it means to SEO. Some have already begun the somber SEO funeral procession, with casket and a trio of horn players and all. They are, perhaps, jumping the gun. Google Instant Search is absolutely not poised to kill SEO, however we all must expect a certain amount of transformation.

Diaspora Social Network – What is it?


There has been a lot of hesitation lately regarding the evils of Facebook. Some argue they sell our private information. Some argue the chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, is some kind of monster-in-training. There’s even a movie about it. Whether or not Facebook is nefarious, the way it handles our private information has begun to ruffle some weathers. So what now?

Twitter Got Hacked – The Explanation

twitter-got-hackedTwitter was hacked today when a new security flaw was discovered which exploited thousands of Twitter accounts and caused users to be redirected to third party websites.

The security flaw only required users to hover over an offending link, no clickthrough was necessary. The flaw used a JavaScript function called onMouseOver which creates an event when the mouse is passed over text.

Online SEO Tools – the Ultimate Collection

The Internet offers a wide variety of SEO tools, targeting just about every aspect of business and personal life. There are so many, however, that figuring out the best and brightest can be quite the laborious task. Don’t stress out! Webrulon is here to turn lead into gold. We’ve scoured the net and collected the absolute best of the best SEO tools.

Use Advanced Segment to Chart 'Unique Keyphrases' – A Primer

Unique keywords. We all need them, right? They send traffic to websites, among other things. The more unique keywords you get, the more trust search engines have placed in your website. It’s a win-win.

Google Analytics, among other things, can give you a glimpse into how many unique keyphrases you are garnering. Check it out on the Traffic Sources ? Keywords page. One tip. Be sure to select ‘non-paid’ to exclude any CPC campaigns.

5 Ways to Maintain Client Relationships Long After the Work is Complete

business relationship

So you’ve wowed a client with your professional and brilliant work. Now what? Ideally, you want to keep a relationship going. This isn’t to sell any kind of post-product add-on or anything(Although, that’s possible if that’s your bag.) Rather, it’s just to keep a a healthy business-to-client relationship going. This awards many benefits as far as referrals and, well, just plain ole human decency. Not to mention repeat service.

Fighting Back Against Email Overload


Who doesn’t love email? It’s easy, convenient and trackable. We all have our various systems for managing it. Mine is far from perfect but I’m usually able to make quick decisions about each message I receive. Some emails I file away. Others I transfer to a different folder or project. Some I tag for the future and some I answer on the spot. It’s all about quick decisions. My eternal aim is to have just a few messages(Under twenty) at any given time in my mailbox. That’s the goal anyways.

The most overlooked SEO tactic – Patience

This story is as old as the web itself. You launch a new website or project. You set up the analytics and expect the hits to start rolling in. After a few days you begin obsessively checking up on it. Over and over. Only nothing is there. You begin to become disheartened and perhaps entertain the notion of tossing your laptop in the river. Sound familiar?

Partnering With Mobile Ad Networks


Back in 1999, when Prince’s song was a reality and reality television took up only sixty percent of the market, online start-ups began to discover CPC ad networks. This was an exciting time for the Internet. Money seemed to literally grow on trees(virtual ones anyways.) Flycast, Valueclick, Lycos, Go. These were all hot buzzwords among the new generation of web marketers and advertisers. Just pay for a few clicks and you were well on your way. In short, it was an exciting time to be online.

Why Linkbait is a Tactic the Search Engines Will Always Value

The debate over the potential value of linkbait rages on! Throughout the last few years, the argument over linkbait/viral content strategies and whether or not the use of these tactics will result in rewards from search engines has been on the tip of everyone’s tongues. I believe this methodology will remain profitable in the long run for a number of reasons I’ll get to in a second.

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