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Fighting Back Against Email Overload


Who doesn’t love email? It’s easy, convenient and trackable. We all have our various systems for managing it. Mine is far from perfect but I’m usually able to make quick decisions about each message I receive. Some emails I file away. Others I transfer to a different folder or project. Some I tag for the future and some I answer on the spot. It’s all about quick decisions. My eternal aim is to have just a few messages(Under twenty) at any given time in my mailbox. That’s the goal anyways.

Have You Reached Email Account Overload?

email account overload

How many email accounts do you have? It’s getting to be a bit overwhelming, isn’t it? The good old days seem so long ago now. You know, back when we only had three email accounts: One for work, one for personal use and one for all of the trash.

Well, times have changed. For instance, I now have five primary email accounts, and dozens more that filter into those main five. I’ve lost count of all of the webmail accounts I’ve registered for. I used to consider webmail accounts “throwaway” accounts but anyone who is a regular user of  Google Docs, Analytics or AdWords will certainly object to that. They all require use of the web’s most popular webmail service, Gmail.

Top digital marketing trends for 2010 – Crowdsourcing, flash and more

digital marketing trends 2010

2010 is upon us. Get ready for another round of changes of both the monumental and incremental variety. Our friends as Last Exit have compiled a list of digital marketing trends for the new year. Some will seem obvious, others not so much.  Read on to discover how the new year will play out:

6 Worthy Free Webmail Services

In this day and age, personal email should come in three flavors.  Free webmail, your own domain’s email, or hosted exchange.  If you do not fall into one of those groups, and pay for email access for no reason, let me point you in the right direction.  Here are the hilights if probably the 6 most useful free webmail companies.  Now if you are a devoted Outlook fan, most of these services allow IMAP or POP3.  GMail even offered free push style faux exchange email.  This is a break through since its the first main stream free competitor to the venerable hosted exchange solution.



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