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How To Manipulate Images With The Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool

Those new to the wonders of Photoshop absolutely fall in love with the handy, dandy Clonestamp tool. And why shouldn’t they? It’s simply a blast to remove people from photographs, fixing up damaged photographs or just having a grand old time adding bits and filling things in. In short, the Clone tool is an amazing tool to have for Photoshop newbies and veterans alike. It’s also fantastic for retouchers. So, how does this thing work?

36 Helpful Color Gradient Sets for Photoshop

The following list are sets of great websites that you can easily clip cool color gradients from. Most of the research was done using DeviantArt so alongside each link there will also be a link to the user’s profile. You never know when they might make something else interesting.

Also, be choosy. Don’t just go around downloading gradient sets hully gully. Take your time to find the best ones. Your design will thank you for it. Without further adieu, 36 great color gradient sets:

50 High Quality Free Icon Sets in PSD Format

Thank goodness for icon sets that include their PSD counterparts. No muss or no fuss! Some icon sets are limited, however with the use of .psd files you can stretch those limitations into affinity. Following is a list of a whole gad of graet icon sets that are in PSD format. Good luck and happy hunting.

28 of the Coolest Retro Style Photoshop Brush Sets

Are you ready to get retro? The Beatles! Key parties! The Great Depression. Retro is cool, and using the right retro brush on your Photoshop project can make all the difference in the world. But there are so many out there, and let’s face it, some look like a Lifetime movie set in the 1960s and not like the actual 1960s. Here are 28 of our favorite sets that are sure to have people doing the time warp again:

A trio of hilarious mash-up sites that were made using Photoshop

Nic Cage Catwoman

The hilarious and ubiquitous Photoshop mash-up is truly a site to behold. Here are a trio of links that take the idea further than just about anybody else.

Nicholas Cage as everyone – Ever wanted to see Nic Cage as Catwoman? Abe Lincoln? Even Rodney Dangerfield? Well this site has you covered. It features literally hundreds of Photoshop marvels featuring everybody’s favorite kinetic actor in a variety of ridiculous scenarios.

A trio of helpful Photoshop tutorials – March 2010 edition

Photoshop logo

Even you Photoshop experts out there could stand to learn a thing or two, right? Of course! With that in mind, we present to you a trio of tutorial links to help you achieve Photo manipulation nirvana.

A Little Photoshop – This set of tutorials is useful for photographers. Love to take photographs and use Photoshop to get them looking their best? Then this is for you.

Photoshop app for iPhone tops six million downloads

Adobe Photoshop iPhone app

Adobe has been having some trouble getting Apple to adopt flash on their best-selling iPhone. This has not stopped the company from giving away six million copies of their Photoshop iPhone app since it was released last October. It’s the second most popular free photography app in the entire Apple  app-verse.  It allows you to do basic photo editing on your iPhone, including cropping, rotating, filters, effects, and borders. You can also view your finished work, be it video or still image, at  This app is also available on Android phones and Windows Mobile. Happy Photoshopping!

Learn a thing or two by watching PhotoshopUser TV's weekly videocasts

Photoshopuser TV

We get by with a little help from our friends. The kind folks over at PhotoshopUser TV have been serving up weekly video podcasts for a while now. Some are serious. Some are humorous. They all have the intention of teaching us all a thing or two about our favorite photo manipulation program. Who among us can say we are “done” learning all there is to know about Adobe’s wonderchild? It is not I who will cast the first stone!

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