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5 Ways to Maintain Client Relationships Long After the Work is Complete

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So you’ve wowed a client with your professional and brilliant work. Now what? Ideally, you want to keep a relationship going. This isn’t to sell any kind of post-product add-on or anything(Although, that’s possible if that’s your bag.) Rather, it’s just to keep a a healthy business-to-client relationship going. This awards many benefits as far as referrals and, well, just plain ole human decency. Not to mention repeat service.

Fighting Back Against Email Overload


Who doesn’t love email? It’s easy, convenient and trackable. We all have our various systems for managing it. Mine is far from perfect but I’m usually able to make quick decisions about each message I receive. Some emails I file away. Others I transfer to a different folder or project. Some I tag for the future and some I answer on the spot. It’s all about quick decisions. My eternal aim is to have just a few messages(Under twenty) at any given time in my mailbox. That’s the goal anyways.

The most overlooked SEO tactic – Patience

This story is as old as the web itself. You launch a new website or project. You set up the analytics and expect the hits to start rolling in. After a few days you begin obsessively checking up on it. Over and over. Only nothing is there. You begin to become disheartened and perhaps entertain the notion of tossing your laptop in the river. Sound familiar?

34 Free and Elegant TrueType Mini-Pixel Fonts

Small fonts are a conundrum. Once you go below the 9px mark, they tend to become unreadable. It’s at this point you need to call in the, um, “big” guns. Mini-pixel fonts. These handy and popular fonts have a variety of uses. They show up in Flash applications and various other webapps. Sadly, they are under-used throughout the rest of the web world. There is no denying these teeny fonts have an understated air of elegance about them, so why not break them out more?

SEO Fundamentals – Working with Navigation in SEO

What’s the point of search engine friendly navigation? To build a solid foundation in your site architecture of course. You don’t want users having to poke around like a hardware store from the 50s. But what does it mean exactly, and more importantly,  what recommendations can you make to enhance the SEO of yourself and your clients?

How To Manipulate Images With The Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool

Those new to the wonders of Photoshop absolutely fall in love with the handy, dandy Clonestamp tool. And why shouldn’t they? It’s simply a blast to remove people from photographs, fixing up damaged photographs or just having a grand old time adding bits and filling things in. In short, the Clone tool is an amazing tool to have for Photoshop newbies and veterans alike. It’s also fantastic for retouchers. So, how does this thing work?

10 Principles Of Effective Web Design

Usability and the utility, not the visual design, determine the success or failure of a web-site. Since it’s your visitors who will be trying and viewing everything you lay out, it makes maximizing their experience your ultimate goal.  User-centric design has become a standard approach for successful and profit-oriented web design. No matter how pretty things look, if the usability isn’t there, it may as well not exist.

60 Fantastic AIR Apps For Web Designers

Adobe AIR is the little platform that could. It allows you to build efficient and state-of-the-art desktop apps that work on any operation system. Cool!

In the last few years, oodles of AIR apps have came down the pike, helping you do just about everything under the sun. For this post, I’m going to focus on applications intended for web and graphic designers.

30 of the Best Free Icon Sets for Bloggers

Come on. Admit it. You blog. It’s ok. We all do. We are long past the days when blogging was a specialized activity aimed toward teenage girls with Livejournal accounts. The blog is a popularly accepted form of mass media. And where there are blogs, there are icons. Bloggers use all kinds of icons. Icons for social media. Icons for navigation. Icons for, even, smileys. However, there are so many icons out there in webville, it’s hard to know where to even start.

50 of the Best Ever MooTools Plugins and Tutorials

MooTools, contrary to popular belief, is still running strong. I know it seems as though jQuery rules the world with an iron and unflinching fist, but the little engine that could still gets a lot of foot traffic. jQuery may be the most popular Javascript framework, but MooTools is the “cool” cousin who listens to the Velvet Underground. It offers a ton of functionality and can bed dropped into any website with ease. MooTools also has tons of plugins and tutorials up for grabs. Below are fifty of the best ones out there. Enjoy.

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