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Use the Google Font API to Implement Awesome Fonts on your Website

Until recently, the font-world has evolved slower than a dinosaur stuck in superglue. This holds especially true for people on the web, who have been stuck with the same old fonts(Arial, Georgia, Verdana, Times New Roman) since, well, forever.

The Google Font API is here to change all of that. At it’s heart, the Font API is a databaes of “web fonts.” Web Fonts are, obviously, fonts for use on the web. The Google system is so much more than that, though.

How to Make Great Presentations

Presentations. They are a terrifying and important part of adult life. How else to emphatically get information across to a large group of people at the same time. And no, the Internet doesn’t count. Still, it takes a certain kind of person to really knock presentations out of the ballpark. Or does it? Read along and practice these tips and you are sure to have them rolling in the aisles. Don’t worry, you won’t have to imagine anyone in the audience naked….Plan. Plan. Plan.

5 Ways to Maintain Client Relationships Long After the Work is Complete

business relationship

So you’ve wowed a client with your professional and brilliant work. Now what? Ideally, you want to keep a relationship going. This isn’t to sell any kind of post-product add-on or anything(Although, that’s possible if that’s your bag.) Rather, it’s just to keep a a healthy business-to-client relationship going. This awards many benefits as far as referrals and, well, just plain ole human decency. Not to mention repeat service.

Fighting Back Against Email Overload


Who doesn’t love email? It’s easy, convenient and trackable. We all have our various systems for managing it. Mine is far from perfect but I’m usually able to make quick decisions about each message I receive. Some emails I file away. Others I transfer to a different folder or project. Some I tag for the future and some I answer on the spot. It’s all about quick decisions. My eternal aim is to have just a few messages(Under twenty) at any given time in my mailbox. That’s the goal anyways.

How To Manipulate Images With The Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool

Those new to the wonders of Photoshop absolutely fall in love with the handy, dandy Clonestamp tool. And why shouldn’t they? It’s simply a blast to remove people from photographs, fixing up damaged photographs or just having a grand old time adding bits and filling things in. In short, the Clone tool is an amazing tool to have for Photoshop newbies and veterans alike. It’s also fantastic for retouchers. So, how does this thing work?

25 Powerful and Useful jQuery Tutorials for Developers and Designers

25 Powerful and Useful jQuery Tutorials for Web Developers and Designers

jQuery is all over the place these days. It’s rapidly catching up to CSS as the web template of choice for up and coming designers. It’s easy to see why. It’s constantly changing. Evolving. The only problem with this is, however, you have to constantly change and evolve as well. One simple must keep track of all of the new plugins, tutorials and addons that come down the pike. It can be quite an undertaking. Don’t worry, though. Webrulon is here to help. Here is a list of 25 recent tutorials that will get you up to speed and have you jQuery-ing in no time.

How To Get More Comments On Your Blog


Everyone knows that comment boxes are a sure fire to increase the traffic to your blog. People tend to develop a personal connection when they have a say on what goes on in a blog. Not to mention they get to communicate with other like-minded(and often not) individuals.  But how do you turn readers into commentators? It’s easier than you think, sometimes. Below is Webrulon’s handy, dandy guide to increasing the amount of comments on your blog.

Cold Hard Flash – Your source for Flash news, tips and videos.

Cold Hard Flash

Cold Hard Flash is on the case to entertain all of you flashheads out there. This blog aggregates all of the best in news and tips. The kind folks over at the site also showcase hot videos, animations and programs to show you what is possible with everyone’s favorite web development tool.  If you are in the market for Flash-related advice, you could do no better than this handy, dandy website. Check it out here. Tell em we sent ya.



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