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Use the Google Font API to Implement Awesome Fonts on your Website

Until recently, the font-world has evolved slower than a dinosaur stuck in superglue. This holds especially true for people on the web, who have been stuck with the same old fonts(Arial, Georgia, Verdana, Times New Roman) since, well, forever.

The Google Font API is here to change all of that. At it’s heart, the Font API is a databaes of “web fonts.” Web Fonts are, obviously, fonts for use on the web. The Google system is so much more than that, though.

34 Free and Elegant TrueType Mini-Pixel Fonts

Small fonts are a conundrum. Once you go below the 9px mark, they tend to become unreadable. It’s at this point you need to call in the, um, “big” guns. Mini-pixel fonts. These handy and popular fonts have a variety of uses. They show up in Flash applications and various other webapps. Sadly, they are under-used throughout the rest of the web world. There is no denying these teeny fonts have an understated air of elegance about them, so why not break them out more?

34 Free and Elegant TrueType Mini Pixel Fonts

Some fonts just don’t like getting teeny. They get angry and become unreadable. When that happens it’s time to call in the big little guns. Specially designed mini fonts are perfect for situations when you need something smaller than 9 px. These cute lil fonts are extremely popular in flash and flash-based applications, however have yet to catch on in other applications. It’s about time to change all of that. Here are 34 free and truly elegant TrueType mini pixel fonts:

100 best fonts of all time

Fonts! There are just so many of them. Where do you even start with narrowing down the thousands and thousands to a more manageable top 100? Luckily, a German magazine has done the legwork for you.

But how did they do that? Rating aesthetics isn’t the same as a baseball stat or something. It’s all in the eye of the beholder. Here is their take. The judges used three sets of objective data and assigned a percentage of importance to each one. FontShop sales accrued %40, Historical value and perceived meaning took up %30 and general aesthetic qualities filled out the remaining %30.

21 Typography and Font Web Apps You Can’t Live Without

Typography is the best, isn’t it? But it’s a field that is always growing, always changing. In short, we need apps! Apps! Apps! Luckily, the web is filled with tons of helpful typography and font apps that are just a hop, skip and a jump away. Here are 21 of the absolute greatest:

15 Amazingly Free Magazine and Headline Fonts

You have a blog, right? Some kind of a hub where you impart wisdom on all of your loyal readers? Why not spruce the place up a bit with some great fonts that were originally intended for magazines and headlines. There is a reason they are called headlines, afterall. They keep your head, um, in line. Or something. In any event they grab attention. That’s their job. Here are 15 free fonts that will get so much attention you may as well change your last name to Lohan Gaga.

Changing computer fonts can result in significant savings on printing costs, according to one US university

Century Gothic

Planning on bringing something into the real world by sending it through a printer? You had better read this. The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay has switched the default font for its emails from Arial to Century Gothic. The institution reported that the new font requires about 30% less ink, which costs up to $10,000 per gallon.  That’s a lot of late night pizzas.

Photoshop Disasters chronicles photo manipulation gone horrbily, horribly wrong

Photoshop Disasters

As Photoshop experts of varying degrees, is there anything better than noticing a botched job that somehow escaped the cutting room floor and made it into the world? It is absolutely amazing to see the kind of mistakes that nobody notices, or the bad ideas that simply go unchallenged.

The folks over at Photoshop Disaster know this as well. They’ve taken it upon themselves to chronicle all of the awful Photoshopping getting done in the name of commerce. They post it online, we all make fun of it and a good day we learn something from the whole experience. Like, for instance, not to surround Tim Allen by about forty cardboard cutouts that don’t look real at all. Go check it out and submit your own disasters. Smoke em if you got em.

The best in graphic design and fonts in 2009

Oh what a year it’s been in graphic design! A year that saw, among other things, the Yale logo undergo a major redesign. Hell, even the city of Philadelphia went under the Photoshop knife. Here are links leading you to the best and worst 2009 had to offer in the worlds of graphic design and fonts:

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