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34 Free and Elegant TrueType Mini Pixel Fonts

Some fonts just don’t like getting teeny. They get angry and become unreadable. When that happens it’s time to call in the big little guns. Specially designed mini fonts are perfect for situations when you need something smaller than 9 px. These cute lil fonts are extremely popular in flash and flash-based applications, however have yet to catch on in other applications. It’s about time to change all of that. Here are 34 free and truly elegant TrueType mini pixel fonts:

15 Great jQuery Sliders

The force known as jQuery keeps gaining more and more e-steam. To go along with the growth, a bevy of plugins and tutorials are starting to pop up a well. One helpful plugin is known as a content slider.

Content sliders are a great way to show large amount of content on a smaller area of a web page or blog. Dynamic auto sliding content sliders are a opular add-on to numerous websites all over the web. If you are interesting of giving them a whirl, check out this list of our favorite sliders and tutorials  you can get your hands on:

20 free Flash galleries to help inspire your design

Flash galleries. Who needs em? You! They are free applications that allow you to create a slideshow on your website quickly and with ease. Just embed it in your website and let the Flash do the rest. The script will automatically form a slideshow from a specified folder or an XML files or from Flickr photostream.

Cold Hard Flash – Your source for Flash news, tips and videos.

Cold Hard Flash

Cold Hard Flash is on the case to entertain all of you flashheads out there. This blog aggregates all of the best in news and tips. The kind folks over at the site also showcase hot videos, animations and programs to show you what is possible with everyone’s favorite web development tool.  If you are in the market for Flash-related advice, you could do no better than this handy, dandy website. Check it out here. Tell em we sent ya.

Flash SEO Tool – Simply plug SEO in to any finished flash application

Flash SEO

Unfortunately, you cannot avoid the issue of search engine optimization (SEO) when developing an Adobe Flash-based Flex rich Internet application (RIA) or Flash Website.  Fortunately, the Flash SEO Tool is almost here to help ease us into comfort and security.

Peter Gwiazda, the author of this handy app, has this to say about it:

Mozilla speeds up Firefox 3.6 by fifteen percent – Boosts Javascript speed

Firefox logo

Mozilla’s new iteration of it’s popular Firefox browser runs up to fifteen percent faster than it’s predecessor, various reports indicate. This, however, still puts the browser behind the speedier Google Chrome and Apple Safari browsers. JavaScript three times faster than Opera 10 and more than four times faster than that paragon of pokeyness,  Internet Explorer.

5 web design trends to look out for in 2010

web design

The king is dead! Long live the king! As 2009 fades into nostalgic glory, and 2010 begins it’s slow crawl towards infamy, web designers can’t help but wonder what the year will hold for their favorite profession/hobby/whatever. Here is a list of five web design trends to look out for in 2010. None of this stuff is going to reinvent the wheel. Mostly’ it’s an analysis of several things that people caught on to during 2009 that look to be making a giant leap towards the e-mainstream.

Top digital marketing trends for 2010 – Crowdsourcing, flash and more

digital marketing trends 2010

2010 is upon us. Get ready for another round of changes of both the monumental and incremental variety. Our friends as Last Exit have compiled a list of digital marketing trends for the new year. Some will seem obvious, others not so much.  Read on to discover how the new year will play out:



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