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10 Principles Of Effective Web Design

Usability and the utility, not the visual design, determine the success or failure of a web-site. Since it’s your visitors who will be trying and viewing everything you lay out, it makes maximizing their experience your ultimate goal.  User-centric design has become a standard approach for successful and profit-oriented web design. No matter how pretty things look, if the usability isn’t there, it may as well not exist.

60 Fantastic AIR Apps For Web Designers

Adobe AIR is the little platform that could. It allows you to build efficient and state-of-the-art desktop apps that work on any operation system. Cool!

In the last few years, oodles of AIR apps have came down the pike, helping you do just about everything under the sun. For this post, I’m going to focus on applications intended for web and graphic designers.

30 Amazingly Creative Social Bookmarks Icon Sets

To say social networking sites are all the rage would be something of an understatement. Privacy issues withstanding, they feature some of the highest traffic on the Internet. So get in on the game! Adorn your website or blog with some of the best and creative social bookmark icon sets around. Here are 30 simply astounding sets to get you started. If you know of any more, please drop them in the comment box.

30 jQuery Tooltip Plugins to make your web design sparkle

jQuery has been taking web design by storm these past few years. And it’s easy to see why. It’s a fast and concise Javascript library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. jQuery has changed the way designers use Javascript the world over.

10 jQuery Lightbox Clone Plugins

Lightbox, and all of it’s various clones, can work magic on your jQuery web design. But where do you even start? There is so much out there and, frankly, most of it is crap. Well, don’t fret. Webrulon has done the searching for you. We’ve scoured, scrubbed and rinsed(?) the Internet to find ten of the most promising Lightbox plugins and Lightbox clone plugins available for jQuery. Without further adieu, here they are:

Thirty Examples of Successful Login Form Designs

The trusty login form. A necessary evil, right? Wrong. They need not be evil at all. There are ways to make the extra step your user base goes through to get to your content an enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing experience. The following list showcases creative and functional login form design. Some might surprise you and get you rethinking what that little box is for all over again:

20 Corporate Graphic Design Samples

Corporations. They need a strong brand identity. They just can’t hang around all hully gully and hope consumers notice them. That won’t do at all. How to amp up the brand, though? One way is a snappy logo or design. You know, get the heads turning. Below are 20 usable examples of corporate graphic design intended to turn those noggins. Feel free to do with them as you wish. They might not reinvent your company over night but they could just give you a new idea or two:

34 Free and Elegant TrueType Mini Pixel Fonts

Some fonts just don’t like getting teeny. They get angry and become unreadable. When that happens it’s time to call in the big little guns. Specially designed mini fonts are perfect for situations when you need something smaller than 9 px. These cute lil fonts are extremely popular in flash and flash-based applications, however have yet to catch on in other applications. It’s about time to change all of that. Here are 34 free and truly elegant TrueType mini pixel fonts:

A Showcase of 35 Beautiful Typographical Illustrations

Illustration and typography don’t always play nice. When they do, however, it can create some beautiful and compelling imagery. Which is which in this scenario, however? Is a beautiful illustration that also features typography an illustration or, well, a piece of typography? Both. Also, ultimately it doesn’t matter. Beauty is beauty, no matter the name. Read on for 35 of the greatest “typographical illustrations” floating around the web right now. We’ll even feature links to each designer so you can see more of their stuff:

36 Helpful Color Gradient Sets for Photoshop

The following list are sets of great websites that you can easily clip cool color gradients from. Most of the research was done using DeviantArt so alongside each link there will also be a link to the user’s profile. You never know when they might make something else interesting.

Also, be choosy. Don’t just go around downloading gradient sets hully gully. Take your time to find the best ones. Your design will thank you for it. Without further adieu, 36 great color gradient sets:

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