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Why Linkbait is a Tactic the Search Engines Will Always Value

The debate over the potential value of linkbait rages on! Throughout the last few years, the argument over linkbait/viral content strategies and whether or not the use of these tactics will result in rewards from search engines has been on the tip of everyone’s tongues. I believe this methodology will remain profitable in the long run for a number of reasons I’ll get to in a second.

Cloud Computing Gains Critical Mass Despite Uncertainty About Its Definition

Cloud Computing

F5 Networks recently surveyed 250 companies’ senior IT Personnel about Cloud Computing, and one thing remains consistent – IT managers cannot come together regarding the consensual definition of the term. In fact, the survey represented no less than six separate definitions of cloud computing, and participants could not designate which was “right.”

Stealth Cyber Attacks on SMBs are Increasingly Attractive to Hackers


McAfee’s study, “The Security Paradox” takes a look at how small and medium organizations that employ between 51-1,000 workers deal IT security and cyber threats. Both are, as it stands, on the rise for SMBs.

One scary point the report makes is that SMBs the world over(and especially in North America) feel as though they are too small and therefore hold too little value to be attractive to hackers. However, recent trends indicate quite the opposite.

Mobile Is Calling for Better Creative

The creative revolution is among us. Every time “they” say creativity and journalism is dead, it comes roaring back bigger than before. For instance, AOL has recently changed their business model to reflect a large shift toward the creative market. However, one area that has lagged behind the others is the mobile market. The mobile market is in dire need of more than a creative revolution. It needs a creative ignition.

Is Social Media ROI Unmeasurable?

social media

Social media. The world is flipping out over it. It’s easy to see why. Social media represents an easy and instant way for companies to interact with a customer base on the fly. Social media doesn’t only connect companies with current customers, however. It also connects companies with potential customers. This is perhaps even more important.

How to Use Yahoo's Webmaster Tools

Sure, everyone knows that Google’s suite of webmaster tools are exemplary, but they aren’t the only player in town. Yahoo also offers some nifty tools for all of you webmasters out there. Some of the features may be old hat to you seasoned webmasters, but I’m sure this article will open your eyes to at least one thing you didn’t know about.

How to Do Keyword Research with OneLook Wildcard Search

Keyword research is a long and storied process that that involves finding possible keyword phrases, and related terms, estimating the keyword difficulty and potential, and even researching competitors’ tactics as for keyword selection and promotion. This post is gonna analyze a small, yet important, aspect of this: Investigating the entire scope of possible keyword phrases extensions. You know, words that can be used together with the core search term.

Google Bid Simulator: A Step Toward Efficiency, Volume

A battle rages on between efficiency and volume in paid search engine programs. Google, in all of their infinite wisdom, has addressed this keyword auction paradox by releasing the Bid Simulator.

Of course, this isn’t strictly a new concept. Google is the second search engine to attempt to provide this data to various advertisers.

The Dangers And Advantages Of Meme Marketing


Meme marketing is a phrase you probably don’t even need explained. It sits there in our brains like it’s always been there. It just seems, right. Anyways, if you need a primer: A meme is born, defined in its traditional sense here, and then pushed to market something. This push is not always done by the creator of said meme.

Social Business and Customer Relationship Management

Anecdotes are great. You’ll get no arguments here. Still, when you are trying to drive the conversation with your customers, you are going to want to focus more on actual experience, and less on a set of messages.

You want to build a business that works with the flow of social content. Not against it. You want to drive positive conversations. This requires an organizational model and business intelligence process that connects “inside” with “outside.” Outside are many places where consumers come in contact with your brand, product or service.  This can happen in just about any way imaginable, be it billboard, message board posting, or an interaction with a customer service representative. Web strategist Jeremiah Owyang stressed this shift toward recognizing the new role of actual experiences when he said, “Marketing has spread beyond awareness and lead generation — support IS marketing.”

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