20 free Flash galleries to help inspire your design

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Flash galleries. Who needs em? You! They are free applications that allow you to create a slideshow on your website quickly and with ease. Just embed it in your website and let the Flash do the rest. The script will automatically form a slideshow from a specified folder or an XML files or from Flickr photostream.

Here are 20 of the best galleries on the web, that we’ve picked and hand delivered to you. They will help you to learn how to create your own 2D and 3D Flash Galleries and also how to turn it in to a Flash Component.

1. Zen Flash Gallery

Zen Flash Gallery

This set is heavy on the zen, featuring a natural set of photos and tools to add to your website. Not too heavy on the options, but hey, it’s free and easy to use.

2. 3D Album

3D Album

This fully featured set of 3D components is based on the  “Building a 3D album with FIVe3D and TweenLite” tutorial . Learn, then see it in action!

3. FlashMo Photo Gallery


This is  another standard multi-picture gallery component for you to try out on your website.

4. Flash Gallery

Flash Gallery

This is a standard-bearer for gallery installing Flash components. Simply install it and it’s ready to go. Techheads need not apply, although they are welcome too.

5. Art Flash Gallery

Art Flash Gallery

Another simple and easy to use component for adding a Flash of art to your webpage. It even features a tutorial.

6. FlashMo 3D Grid

FlashMo 3D Grid

7. Free Flash Gallery

Free Flash Gallery 6

This galley only needs a simple XML configuration to get it to do what you want. Simple and effective.

8. Imagin Flash Photo Gallery

Imagin Flash Photo Gallery

IMAGIN is a flash photo gallery that can organize photos and create cool slideshows for your website. It has a bevy of features, including the ability to upload an infinite number of photos.

9. PhotoDiary


PhotoDiary is another Flash based gallery, but this time with a twist. This handy application allows you to easily  manage the photos on a normal php back end. Not bad!

10. Polaroid Gallery

Flash Polaroiad Gallery

The Polaroid camera may have fallen out of fashion in the past few decades, however that doesn’t mean you can’t emulate the beloved format in Flash gallery form. Enjoy.

11. Veppa Photo Album

Veppa Photo Album

This handy dandy Flash gallery component allows you to upload photos to your website in slideshow format in five simple steps. Nothing special, but useful.

12. Flash Page Flip Photo Gallery template for Picasa

Flash Gallery Picasa

This template is based on the free version of the FlashPageFlip flash engine and works in tandem with Google’s successful Picasa platform. The cool thing about this component is attention to detail. For instance, you can even hear pages flip as you scroll through your photos. Heavy on the “Wow” factor.

13. dfGallery 2.0

dfGallery 2.0

This fully featured component set raises the ante with easy to use tutorials and videos detailing how to make your website slideshows as fab as you need.

14. Tony’s Photo Album

Tony Photo Album

This gallery component is open source, which means anything you can dream up can be done with this component. However, you need the coding skills to get there.

15. FlashFlickr Photo Gallery

FlashFlickr Photo Gallery

A gallery component that is based on Flex and Actionscript 3.0. It also uses the famous Flickr API.

16. Invert Media Flash Photo Gallery

Invent Media Photo Gallery

This is about as easy as it gets. This Flash gallery component requires no Flash or XML skills in order to use. Simply plug and play.

17. Agile Gallery

Agile Gallery

The Flash version of Agile Gallery is a free Flash photo gallery that rips through the XML output from Picasa and generates the paging and thumbnails and displays the full sized photos along with any descriptions entered.

18. WS-Slideshow

WS Slideshow

This handy gallery app lets you change styles and properties via an XML file. It also comes packed in with a configuration program that makes things simple and easy.

19. AutoViewer


Auto viewer is a free, customizable Flash image viewer. The program is designed to display a linear sequence of images and captions.

20. Simple Viewer

Simple Viewer

This simple and cool gallery is easy to use and features a great and simple user interface. Give it a chance.

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