10 Unusual Twitter Icon Packs

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Twitter!  Can’t live without it, and why would you want to! The social media site has taken the world by storm, and this could mean great things for your business or personal website. But how to make sure Twitter works for you? You gotta stand out from the crowd! Here are 10 beautiful but unusual twitter icons that will help you do just that.

Web 2.0rigami


This pack contains several icons in origami style, as seen above. They run the gamut from Firefox style to Digg and beyond. Experiment and you’ll find your Twitter feed bursting at the paper seams in no time.

Awesome Twitter Icons

Awesome Twitter

As the name suggests, this set includes “awesome” Twitter icons, like the two shown above. Get ‘em and get awesome! There isn’t enough awesomeness in the world, you know?

Feed Twitter Monster Icons

Feed Twitter Monster Icons

These monstrous Twitter icons are all the rage in the Twitterverse. Why? Because they are cute and oh so terrifying, not to mention hungry. They are very, very hungry. What will you feed them? Not me.  I taste awful.

Twitter Block Icons

Twitter Block Icons

Look at these cute things! You’ll no longer be a “square” with this square-shaped icon set. And, come on, I dare you to look at that whale and not go “awww!”

Twitter Eggs

twitter egg

As the name suggests, this set of icons features Twitterized eggs. Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? You are unlikely to care as your Twitter account lays tons of new friend requests!

Twitter icons with attitude

Twitter attitude

Sure, Twitter is a cute and friendly place. What it needs, however, is attitude. And what spells attitude more than a bird with a construction hat on? Get your tude ready to go with this fantastic icon pack.

Social Bird Icon Set

Social Bird Icon Set

This icon pack contains 20 unusual but beautiful twitter icons created by various designers.  Some of them are really beautiful, like the one above. This is a great all purpose list of icons.

Cute Tweeters Icon Set

Cute Tweeters

Famed icon designer Mirjami Manninen created this set of cute icons for you cuties out there. Why have attitude when you could have, um, cute-itude?

Twitter Bird Vector Icons

Twitter Bird Vector Icons

This Twitter icon pack features birds who employ a host a facial expressions, from excited to shy and back again. Some even sing! Fill your Twitter with these little bad boys and you’ll have friends and family “tweeting” about your e-style in no time.

Classy Twitter Icons

Classy Twitter Icons

This set of classy Twitter icons will really give you a deserved air of elegance to your Twitter account. Order the foie gras and charge it to us, ok? No, don’t really do that.

That’s all she wrote, folks. Snatch up some of these icons and tell em Webrulon sent ya.

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