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7 Insanely Useful Server Monitoring Tools

First things first. You have to make sure your company’s SLAs(Service Level Agreements) are met. That means you are going to need a server that’s running smoother than a baby’s bottom. You don’t want to leave the health of your server to chance. Bad things can happen, and you’ll be blamed. Remember, we live in the social media world now. Even the smallest problem on your end can blow up to a huge PR snafu once Twitter gets a hold of it.

Top 50 Online Invoicing Tools

It can sometimes be a struggle in this world to, you know, get paid. This is made harder when your billing system is a mess, never knowing what should go where and to who. As anyone with a successful business knows, moving away from the paper realm to Web-based technology can be a major boon to your organization and productivity. Well here are fifty of the best and brightest online invoicing tools available. They are grouped into three of the major groups that need online invoices: Small businesses, freelancers and web designers. Enjoy!

Top 25 Plugins to Transform WordPress into a Powerful CMS

WordPress is not just your friendly blogging program. It’s also, thanks to a suite of powerful plugins, a complete CMS. Let’s take a look at some of the best plugins around that will have you webmastering with the best of them in no time.

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress 3.0

WordPress 3.0 has arrived! The codename this time is “Thelonius” and it comes packed-in with a host of features that is going to make your blogging life a lot easier. There is a lot of information to pack in here so let’s skip the formalities and get started. Wait, are there formalities usually?

IE9 – What does it Means for Web Design?

Microsoft’s search engine division came roaring back to life this week with the release of the Internet Explorer 9 Beta. IE9 brings a whole host of innovations to the table, which finally brings IE to the adult’s table to sit with Firefox and Chrome. In some instances, actually, it shoves those other browsers right to the kiddie’s table.

So what does it do? Well for this post we are going to focus in on what the new update means for web designers. However, let’s do a general overview. First and foremost, the browser is thin. It doesn’t use that many resources, unlike IE iterations of the past. Even Firefox is becmoing quite the resource hog in recent years so this makes IE and Chrome the skinniest browsers of the lot. This is important for, well, just about everyone. Who wants a browser who is gonna muck up the entire waterworks? Nobody.

Top 25 Free WordPress 3.0 Themes

WordPress. It keeps getting cooler and cooler doesn’t it? The premiere blogging platform has recently one-upped itself with the release of ‘Thelonious’ (WP 3.0). As updates go it is mostly free of glitches and bugs. However, there have been some compatibility issues with certain themes. As the geniuses over at WordPress work that out, we decided to scour the web and collate twenty-five amazing(and free) themes that are sure to work with the new update.

Use the Google Font API to Implement Awesome Fonts on your Website

Until recently, the font-world has evolved slower than a dinosaur stuck in superglue. This holds especially true for people on the web, who have been stuck with the same old fonts(Arial, Georgia, Verdana, Times New Roman) since, well, forever.

The Google Font API is here to change all of that. At it’s heart, the Font API is a databaes of “web fonts.” Web Fonts are, obviously, fonts for use on the web. The Google system is so much more than that, though.

5 Small Business Web Design Trends to Watch

Small businesses have it tough. Their web budgets are usually much smaller than that of large companies. At the same time their need for web exposure is much greater. However, instead of just curling up and giving up, many small businesses have begun to wow competition by offering up some innovative and cool ideas. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” springs to mind.

How to Make Great Presentations

Presentations. They are a terrifying and important part of adult life. How else to emphatically get information across to a large group of people at the same time. And no, the Internet doesn’t count. Still, it takes a certain kind of person to really knock presentations out of the ballpark. Or does it? Read along and practice these tips and you are sure to have them rolling in the aisles. Don’t worry, you won’t have to imagine anyone in the audience naked….Plan. Plan. Plan.

Protect your Website from HACKERS

Hackers. They aren’t just Hollywood archetypes. They actually exist, and they do mean to cause your website and company harm. How can you protect yourself from these threats? Well, first of all by taking it seriously. Now, I’m not talking “lose a bunch of sleep and buy a bunch of stuff” seriously. Just recognize the threat and make the necessary changes to your infrastructure to minimize it.

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